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Using two overlap hub systems, we are able to store 4 blu-ray discs with no plastic trays in a 22mm case. This means the case uses minimal amount of plastic so is lighter overall – two great advantages for improved sustainability!

This case is made of #5 polypropylene in the distinctive blue color that instantly identifies the contents as a blu-ray product. Available with or without the Blu-ray logo embossed on the front cover.

This case is CPSIA certified and 100% recyclable.

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9-12 Disc Wave-Xtra

Next generation of overlap multi-disc cases

Scanavo proudly presents a product line of new multiple disc cases created and designed for BD’s, DVDs & CDs. Challenged by the studios and the immediate need to provide a superior presentation package at a limited cost level this unique product line was created.

9-12/Wave Xtra model is based on our unique patented overlap system, which enables one case to hold 9 to12 discs - with visibility at the same time. 100% stress free disc retention!

9-12/Wave Xtra is carefully designed to respect sensitive BD & DVDs along with superior design. The design ensures safe disc protection & secure transportation.

9-12/Wave Xtra is a part of our multiple disc system – featuring secured rosette/hub & the patented overlap system.

The design is based on an exclusive licence from Pozzoli in Italy.

9-12/Wave Xtra

We offer one case in one piece made from one-piece virgin polypropylene material guaranteeing consistent & superior quality.

Merchandising and visual impact being a growing factor in entertainment marketing for video, games & music – packaging must respond to this!

Offered in an array of colours, character logos and individual creative ideas -Scanavo is ready to offer you large capacities and short turnaround time along with superior customer service.

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